Never felt better!  It was a perfect night out! Sorry for the crappy quality, somebody needs to get me a new phone! OOTN most things from local shops size FAT!
Model Lauren Veluvolu
Photographer Zowi

06/26/2013 Marina Del Rey, Venice, Ca
I just went on vacation to visit my boyfriends parents in Los Angeles. We took a trip along Venice’s Canals and onto the beach. Here I’m wearing a hand made crochet bikini done by myself. The patterns can be found here & here.

I’m a size 22w. I have always been afraid to walk out onto the beach even in a one piece. Let alone showing even the slightest of my stomach. IN some of these photos you can see my stretch marks. I wear them proudly these days.

(My true smile)
As you can see, I’m flaunting my back and belly rolls openly, even posing in some of these. I didn’t care. I admit I looked around every so often, but all I seen was either curiousness or a shrug of “why not”. No one was nasty, no one stared, and the world didn’t end. 

It helped that I was there with my boyfriend, and he kept me preoccupied. He is the one who took these photos. I don’t have to many full body photos because no one wants or knows how to take photos properly, or because I usually am alone. This isn’t the first time I flaunted what I’ve got.

On my last trip in April ‘13, I went to Will Rogers Beach, L.A. I wasn’t prepared to play in the water. So guess what I did? I took my shorts off and ran in dragging him in the water with me in my underwear and the tank I had on. Again, I became fearless and the world didn’t end. He has helped me become bold and no longer look to see if anyone is noticing me or us. And it was the best and happiest time of my life.

I do battle with my anxiety when he is being very affectionate, silly, and dancing with me on the street. I even cried once because I couldn’t do it. Mainly because of the eyes of on lookers. I know it’s silly, but I’m still working on it, and he knows it. I love him to death, and he as well to me. I couldn’t have met my match more perfectly. He is more than understanding, helpful, and accepting. He has more patience that I think I deserve.

Did I mention he is 5-6 inches taller than I, and is a slender fellow? Physically visibly opposite, physically and visibly in love. And we couldn’t care less. We don’t see size, we don’t see image, we see into each other. We see each other as an entirety. A whole.
(here is a few photo I took of him. I usually don’t share these, but I think he needs to be pictured.)

(and his beautiful eyes)

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-Gianna <3
today’s outfit and I felt so good and confident!
This is todays (february 18th) OOTD. I know I look like a small girl, but still every piece of clothing I’m wearing in this picture is a size L or XL.
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Rayon Jersey Tank With Butterfly Lace Crochet, Pacific Plex,  $32.99  $14.99, Sizes small - 3X.Available in green, black, coral, and lavender.
Purse, Isha Couture, $69. 
Floral Blazer, Maurice’s, $39, Sizes 0(14) - 3(24/26). 
Black Skinny Jeans, Debs, $37.50 $30, Sizes 14 - 24. 
Lace Waist Gauchos, Maurice’s, $32, Sizes 0(14) - 3(24/26), super stretchy fabric. 
Adios Dress, Isha Couture, $36, Sizes 1X - 3X.
Small rips and tears leggings, Debs, $12.99 $9.74, Sizes 1X - 3X. 
Cosmic Top, Isha Couture, $35, Sizes 1X - 3X.