Beth Ditto attends Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show during Paris Fashion Week, February 2014

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There’s a new outfit on A Curious Fancy 💕 Taking babysteps into the light. 

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Marina Rinaldi Campaign of 12 international #plussize bloggers for the #womenareback campaign learn more here:

These are beautiful photos of ladies I truly admire. But! I can’t help but notice, the smaller the subject, the more of her body is shown. 

not true at all! we were shooting portraits, which usually means head shots—there were a few bloggers who chose/wanted full body shots. katya (the last pictured) is/was one of the smallest women there (much smaller than tanesha/edith who have full body shots) and is cut off at her boobs.


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I’m not pretty for a black girl, short girl, or fat girl, I’m pretty period. By the way, closet chubby chasers come out the closet. No one cares you like fat girls!

New blogpost! Thank you for your continued support

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Mayara Russi





Brand: Punyus
Official S/S 2014 Collection Catalogue 

Check out more pictures from the catalogue at the sourced link! Their online webshop will be up soon. They recently opened shop in Shibuya 109, so if you’re in the area be sure to check them out.

Official site link:

So all about this shoot

Ooooh! Exciting! I wonder what their size range is like…

The size range is S-6L, and I am so stupidly excited about this line. I will cry if I can’t get my hands on the fried egg dress.

(For friends outside Japan, you’ll need to use a shipping service. I recommend

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Jezra Matthews, Brooklyn, NY
Taken by Andre Uncut

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Shammara Lawrence, 19, Berlin





I’m addicted to looking at my Mod Cloth app. I check it almost daily. Hence, why I have a Mod Cloth wish list a mile long. I can always find dresses that I love at Mod. Recently I opened one of their daily email and to my surprise, it was a notification that their Rad to the Bone dress was back in stock. When I first saw this dress I fell hard. I was horrified to find it was out of stock. This dress was one of those dresses you dream about at night, worrying it will never get stocked again. 

The Rad to the Bone dress is wicked sweet and is intelligently embellished with bones and their terminology. This cotton dress is a great length hitting me at my knees and has the added benefit of pockets. I picked this dress up in size 4X and it fits my size 26/28 body perfectly. My favorite thing about this dress besides the black and white print is the fact the print glows in the dark. How fun is that??

As much as I would have loved to wear this dress without a sweater, it’s still super cold here in Canada. I could not wait until spring to get it on. I added one of my favorite Hell Bunny cardigans from Sweet Echo Plus to keep me warm. Funky tights that matched my lips were also in order. My Violet legs are from We Love Colors.


If you are new to Mod Cloth and you would like to check them out HERE is a link to recieve $15 off your first order.


I’m always happy to answer questions about any of the clothing or accessories I’ve blogged about. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below or email me at

Thanks for doing the creep and taking a peep at my psycho fatshions.  




Eeeeeee! Eeeeeee! I don’t think you folks realize HOW MUCH I suddenly covet this dress. IT GLOWS IN THE DARK. 

::shakes tiny fists at the sky about the no-wiggle-room budget::

This is the outfit of my dreams. Sooooo glad I can sewwww.


Day 26 of #backbendmadness2014- #scorpionpose.
I can find a million ways to correct my body in this photo but I’m enjoying the journey too much to care. One day my arms won’t splay, my upper back will bend more fluidly, & my toes will be close enough to kiss. But it’s ok that today is not that day.
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Blogger Look We Love - Marie of Migg Mag in FTF Crop Top and Leggings


Not a very original outfit, just what I wore to the park on Sunday..
I am  wearing Asos curve’s denier tights btw and I def not recommend em’ the waist band is so loose I spend the whole the trying to pull them back up from half way down my butt and I was wearing a garter….

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What I Wore: Dream Coat

This jacket is straight up, a dream come true. From the length to just the feel of it, it’s divine. It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with black and white striped anything… to point that I think it may be becoming a problem. Guys, I just can’t stop myself from gravitating towards all things Beetlejuice-esque. Does anyone else have this problem?!

Coat c/o Asos, Dress is super old from Dress Barn and shoes via Payless.

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Stop being so fabulous for a second, kay? 

Just kidding, don’t ever stop.

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I want to know who you’re meeting in the cemetery by dashedandshattered


Hi! Rockin’ an Ashley Nell Tipton crop top.